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With comprehensive genomic profiling, you can feel assured that you and your doctor have the knowledge needed to make informed advanced cancer treatment decisions.

The Foundation Medicine testing process

Follow these steps—starting with talking to your doctor—to receive a report with your test results.

Step 1
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Talk to your doctor.

Your doctor will determine if a Foundation Medicine test is right for you.

Step 2
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Your doctor will order the most appropriate test for you.

Your doctor sends a tissue or blood sample to Foundation Medicine for testing. You may already have a tissue sample available, or a new biopsy may be required. If a liquid biopsy sample is needed for testing, Foundation Medicine offers mobile phlebotomy—in-home blood draw—services at no additional cost.

Step 3
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Your sample is analyzed in our lab.

Using comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP), we look inside your cancer’s DNA to find cancer-related mutations and biomarkers. After we receive your sample, results are typically available in 12 days or less for FoundationOne®CDx and 10 days or less for FoundationOne®Liquid CDx.

Step 4
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Your doctor receives your report.

The information in the report may indicate if a targeted therapy, immunotherapy, or clinical trial could be an option for you. Your doctor will discuss your results and next steps with you. You can also request a copy of your report by contacting our Care Team by

or calling

Financial assistance is available for qualifying patients. You can apply for financial assistance at any point before, during, or after the testing process. Learn more about financial assistance

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Inside your report

No matter your results, your report can help inform treatment decisions. Your results may include mutations and biomarkers that have been identified. This information may lead to the following:

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Targeted therapies that may be right for you

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Immunotherapies that may be right for you

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Clinical trials that you may consider

Even if your results do not identify a specific therapy or clinical trial for you, they can still provide valuable information to you and your doctor.

They may identify treatments that are not appropriate for you based on your genomic findings, they may confirm your current treatment, or they may point to future treatments that may become available.

For assistance on how to read your report, download the FoundationOne CDx patient report guide or the FoundationOne Liquid CDx patient report guide

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You are your best advocate.

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Ask your doctor about the Foundation Medicine testing options. This guide will help prepare you for the discussion.

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